The Shenzhen Green Finance Committee’s purpose is to carry out green finance research, promote innovation on green finance products and services, and facilitiate green finance cooperation and policy implementation between Shenzhen and the rest of the world.


Lujiazui Financial City is home to 800 licensed financial institutions, 12 factor markets, 80% of China’s foreign-funded banks, one third of the country’s private equity funds, over 5,000 emerging financial institutions, and more than 3,000 supporting service providers (2018).


Luxembourg For Finance is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg Government and the Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation founded in 2008, and acts as the Agency for the Development of the Luxembourg Financial Centre.


Swiss Sustainable Finance is an industry association with the objective to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading voice and actor in sustainable finance.


Toronto Finance International is a public-private partnership between Canada’s three levels of government, the financial services sector and academia. TFI’s mission is to lead collective action that drives the competitiveness and growth of Canada’s financial sector and establishes Toronto’s prominence as a leading international financial centre.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government strategic vision for Tokyo’s future includes promoting ESG investment as part of its efforts to make Tokyo the financial hub for Asia.


Stockholm Green Digital Finance’s mission is to use green fintech innovations to catalyze the transition to sustainable societies and push the frontier of green finance and investment to effectively deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government recognizes the importance of financing sustainable development. Seoul joined the FC4S Network in 2018, and is now in the early stages of developing a strategy to promote green and sustainable finance in Korea – with a focus on fintech.


Finance for Tomorrow, a branch of Paris EUROPLACE, was launched in June 2017 to make green and sustainable finance a key driving force in the development of the Paris Financial Centre and to position it as a leading financial hub on these issues.